Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary School, East Maitland. St Joseph’s Primary School is a learning community that strives to provide a broad based education and caring learning environment that will enable children to realize their full potential in all aspects of their development. Our underlying philosophy is founded on the example of Jesus’ teaching.

The nature of education has certainly changed in recent years. At our school we work hard to ensure that we are up to date with current educational thinking and best practice. We work together to foster the notion of lifelong learning as we share our ongoing learning journey together. As a learning community we strive to reflect the individual learning needs of each child in the curriculum that we present.

At St Joseph’s we create an atmosphere where thinking and learning are valued and modelled. We hope each child will experience and embrace the Mercy Values which are part of our heritage. These values underpins our Positive Behavior for Learning and permeates through the academic, social, physical, spiritual life of the school.

At the very essence of our school is our development as a Faith Community that celebrates together and nurtures each person spiritually. We work hard to ensure that the faith experiences that the children have are related to real life and reflect true Catholic Values and beliefs. We strive to provide programs and experiences that encourage families to share their Faith journeys with us at school.

The wellbeing of all in our community is a priority at St Joseph’s. We value the strong sense of community that exists in the school and work hard to ensure that the children learn how to establish strong relationships that will support their learning. A whole school approach to wellbeing ensures that Social, Emotional Learning and Pastoral care are paramount and well supported by all.  We welcome and encourage families to come into the school and work alongside us.

At St Joseph’s we encourage children to be active and confident citizens. We endeavour to foster an attitude of care for each other, our environment and the broader community in the knowledge that we each have something positive to offer.

I invite all parents and guardians to take up the commitment to your child’s schooling in general. Your support and active interest enables the school to provide the best possible education for your child. Catholic schools exist to provide education in a Catholic Community where the meaning and message of Jesus Christ is available to all students. This message permeates all dimensions of our school life.

St Joseph’s Primary School educates for today’s world, with tomorrow’s leaders in mind. We are committed to lifelong learning. Our school is involved in the offer of faith and community within the Catholic Church.

I welcome you to our school. I invite you to join us in our learning journey and to share with us the warmth of a caring community. I invite you to also walk with us in partnership as we learn together and grow in faith with our God.

Be gentle on yourselves and your children.

God Bless

Marie Butel-Simoes