At St Joseph’s, there are 22 teaching staff and 11 support staff.

A list of staff contacts can be found below:                                                                               

School Executive

Principal: Marie Butel-Simoes

Assistant Principal: Susan Lacey

Religious Education Coordinator: Annemarie Arkell

Primary Coordinators: Michele Reynolds, Maree Pittaway and Laura Le Breton

Classroom Teachers

Kindergarten: Joanne Clarke and Michaelie Schweinberger

Year One: Annemarie Arkell and Tracee Cinello

Year Two: Alanna Hughes, Jennifer Smith and Patricia Bowe

Year Three: Louise Weekes and Karen Kiem

Year Four: Terry Fitzsummons and Jessica Palmer

Year Five: Gerard Carey, Maree Pittaway, Vanessa Blyton, Susan Lacey and Leanne Roberts-Thomson

Year Six: Michele Reynolds and Laura LeBreton

Learning Support Teachers: Cate Larke, Brooke Hartup and Barbara Gibson

ESL: Patricia Higgins

School Psychologist: Stacey Mortimer

Pastoral Care Worker: Sr Anita Litwin

Teacher Librarians: Sarah Ziemba and Catherine Wallace

Support Staff

Learning Support Assistants: Jodie Willis, Jenny Purcell, Mary Nolan, Catherine Smith, Kim Barnes, Nina Tate

Library Assistant: Kim Bezzina

Administrative Assistant: Joanne Lynch, Sue Lawes and Bernadette Enright

Canteen Supervisors: Pauline Ellicot and Trish McGregor  

Cleaners: Lianne Skinner and Ramona Tanner

Groundsperson: David Arkell